We use multiple products for applications to give our customers a variety of choices for their needs.

Epoxy - A common choice for indoor applications. This extremely strong yet flexible polymer is perfect for garage, basement, and industriasl floors. Slip and stain resistant, this coating is ideal for areas where grease, oil, or any other staining liquids may reside.

Cementious Based Decorative Coatings - A common choice for outdoor applications. This revolutionary product is a great alternative to stamped concrete - and far cheaper in most instances. It is an extremely strong acrylic and aggrogate mixture that can take on any design and a multitude of colors. Ideal for turning boring concrete into something amazing. Choose from a variety of traditional designs or create your own! Oil, rust and mildew resistant; slip resistant; extremely durable; and easy maintenance. Perfect for any climate!

Acid Stains & Dyes - For indoor and outdoor application. A simple and quick way to turn boring gray concrete into an appealing surface. Great choice for businesses that have a constant flow of customers throughout their building.

Concrete Sealers - Concrete needs occasional cleaning and sealing to protect it from being damaged by the elements.

Bacteria, Mold & Algae Clean and Prevention Process - An exciting product for all homes. It has the ability to prevent bacteria, mold and algae growth and is also EARTH FRIENDLY.

Interior Floor and Multi-Surface Cleaners - These products have a unique ability to clean almost any surface, including tile floors with grout.

Decorative Stone Overlay - Great for pool decks, this products is porous but extremely strong. Will stand up to the dreaded freeze/thaw conditions that plague other surfaces. It is a combination of epoxy and colored stone.